Why Choose Civitas as Your Property Management Company in San Leandro

People are continually asking: What makes Civitas the right San Leandro property management company for me? The truth is, it may not be.

One of our core philosophies is that we are not the right company for every client, and not every client is right for us. We insist on interviewing all potential clients before we agree to manage a property. We have a specific way of doing things, and we want to make sure each homeowner is a good fit for us, and will be comfortable with the things that are necessary to take excellent care of a property. Certain things are taken very seriously by our team, such as ongoing preventative maintenance and legal compliance.

Understanding Property Management Fees

When grading property managers, too many people look at the fee as the primary criteria. It’s the first question people ask – what is your fee? This is a valid question, but we believe that you get what you pay for. There’s a reason you are willing to pay more at Whole Foods than at Walmart. We have no intention of being the cheapest company in the Bay area. If that’s what you’re looking for, we aren’t a good fit. It doesn’t mean you’re wrong; but we have our way of doing things, and we believe in going above and beyond for our clients. We have fewer doors per property manager, and we spend a lot of time and money on compliance and training and continuing education. Our pricing reflects those priorities.

Civitas Pricing Structures

We offer three pricing structures.

A la Carte Pricing Model
Not every person will want all we can do, so our first option is an a la carte plan. It’s very basic, very simple, and best suited for people who have been managing on their own, and maybe have good tenants who have been in place forever. If you’re ready to hand off the management duties, this plan can help. For our base fee of $50 a month, we collect rent, do your accounting and send statements, and provide a direct deposit of your rent.

Then, you can pay separately for things like inspections, renewals, tenant placement, Three Day Notices, etc. This plan does not cover maintenance. So, if there are any maintenance issues at your property, we would direct the tenants to you.

Full Service Management Model
This is our all-inclusive management model, and you’ll be charged 8 percent of your monthly rent. When we lease the property, there’s a $250 administrative fee to cover the things we do to get it rented quickly, including hiring a professional photographer and advertising. There are no mark-ups for maintenance. You’re charged what the vendor is paid, and our handyman covers some of the simple jobs. This plan covers all the property management you need; leasing, rent collection, accounting, compliance, and notices. It’s our most popular option.

Premium Pricing Model
For homeowners who are a bit more conservative and need predictability from their property, we offer a premium service for 10 percent of your monthly rent. You get everything that we provide in the full service model, and you also get an eviction guarantee and a tenant lease-break guarantee. If your tenant breaks their lease, we guarantee rent until a replacement tenant is found. If there’s an eviction, we cover all attorney fees. You’ll also get statements and rent on the fifth of every month instead of the tenth.

So, if you are using your rental property to cover your mortgage or you’re on a fixed income, this plan may give you better peace of mind.

All of our pricing details can be found on our website. We believe in telling you what we charge. We want you to have all the information before we talk and interview each other.

Access the Best Vendors and Technology with Civitas

With our full service management packages, you’ll get 24-hour maintenance help. Someone is always reachable. We have established contracts with vendors so we get preferred pricing and quicker service. Earlier this year with the heat wave, one of our vendors was called to fix several air conditioning units, and they were booked three weeks out. They kept some slots open for us because they knew we would call. This is the kind of service you can expect when you have these relationships in place.

All of our vendors are licensed and insured. You cannot afford any blowback from work not being up to code. We have the necessary licenses and insurance, too.

We also take advantage of the latest technology. We’re constantly researching to see how we can improve things. Everything is done electronically, and our tenants have portals so they can pay rent and request maintenance online. Eighty-five percent of our residents pay online, and that means we can pay you quicker. Online repair requests also means there’s a record of the work that was done. This limits your liability.

If this sounds like a good for you, please contact us at Civitas Property Management. We’d be happy to tell you more, and learn more about your property.