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The Rental Property Maintenance Process in San Leandro: What to Know

You may not know this, but about ten percent of all the maintenance requests that come into Civitas Property Management are denied. We firmly believe in keeping your home in good condition, and we want to maintain a good relationship with your tenants, especially during lease renewal time. As a property management company, we strive to keep the property in great condition in the most cost-effective way possible. That’s why we have certain criteria we follow when these work orders come in.

Identifying Valid Maintenance Issues

The first thing we do when a work order comes in is ask whether or not this is a valid issue. We consider whether the issue impacts the livability of the house or if the issue is something cosmetic. If it’s simply a preference or an upgrade, we need a good reason to make the repair. For example, a ding on the garage door is not a reason to replace the entire door. It is not affecting the way the garage door works nor does it pose a safety threat to the tenant. So, this type of work order would be denied. Cosmetic issues are not worth the money and the time.

Reporting the Work Order Properly

We require all our work orders to go through our maintenance portal. All tenants have access to an online portal. We also have a 24-hour line that is continuously monitored in case of an emergency. We consider emergencies to be anything involving fire, flood, or blood. We do insist all orders be submitted through the tenant portal so we have a clear record of the date, time, and all the details of the requested repair. Often, we send our maintenance crew to the property to do a repair and when they come back it turns out the necessary repairs were due to the tenant’s own doing. If the tenant is at fault, we will charge that tenant for the repair. When this happens, the tenant will sometimes change the story about why the repair was needed. That’s why written documentation is so crucial.

Managing Warranties and Recalls

Many of our tenants have a home warranty, and we will work with them when necessary. We always want to check if the issues are under some kind of warranty, whether it’s a home warranty or a manufacturer’s warranty. Sometimes, we can get the cost of the service written off because of that warranty, or if any recalls are posted for the item.

Troubleshooting Minor Maintenance Problems

We always try to fix the problem without having actual crews go out to the property to perform a service. Sometimes, we can walk the tenant through the solution to the problem. Resetting breakers or tightening bolts can be done with step-by-step instructions rather than spending the time and money to have someone come out to the property. timeIf repeat issues occur on a regular basis, it’s important to determine if there is a larger issue at hand. For example, five or six roof leaks in one season might be an indication that it’s time to get bids for a new roof. We always look at the long range plan instead of simply putting a Band-Aid on for a quick fix that closes out the work order. Our goal is to spend no more than three days processing and closing out any work order. This ensures maintenance issues are resolved in a timely manner. If you have any questions about maintenance at your rental property, please contact us at Civitas Property Management.