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Conducting Routine Inspections for Your San Leandro Rental Property

Regular inspections are an important part of managing rental property. They can let you know if there’s unreported maintenance that’s needed at the home, and they can also tell you if your tenants are taking good care of the home and following the terms of their lease.

Annual Inspection Process

Annual inspections should be done to be sure your home is being taken care of in the best way possible. In order to do this, we go in and talk to the tenant. We inspect every single area of the home. We open up the cabinets and appliances and make sure everything is still working. We like to talk to the tenants and get a feel for anything that might be wrong and keep the communication open with them.

We want to catch those little items that seem to be used every day but sometimes tend to get overlooked. A good example is a loose door. Tenants use the door every day and they probably always think “I really need to report that,” but then they never do. When we are there for the inspection, we’ll ask if there’s anything that needs to be fixed. We want to make sure the home is cared for and kept in the best condition. This is a time for the tenant to mention the loose door, and we can get someone to fix it immediately. That loose door could actually turn into something much bigger if not fixed. It could fall and damage the flooring which would have to be replaced when the tenant moves out. It could also damage the tenant which could open you up to lawsuits. So, these yearly inspections are actually quite vital for the safety of your home, the safety of your tenants, and to make sure your investment property is in tip top condition.

Assessing Your Tenant’s Performance

Just like at your own home, you have a honey do list after these inspections, and it’s important to give the required maintenance immediate attention. When we go in, we check all the appliances and cupboards and cabinets to make sure everything is working, and we also make sure your tenants are performing the way we expect them to. If everything is in order, great. We can talk to them about things like discounts and other perks. On the other hand, if we notice they are not taking good care of your home, which we all hope is never the case, then that is a discussion we need to have.

Your rental property is important to you and it is important to us. So if the right person is not in there, we need to have that discussion about possibly getting them out. Annual inspections are the best thing to do before the lease renewal so we can determine which road we want to go down.

Rental PropertyAs you can see, annual inspections are a crucial part of protecting your investment property. The better care your tenant takes of your home, the less money you will have to invest in it when they move out. When there is very little work to do, we can get it back on the market and get a new tenant in there when and if the time comes. When the property is not in good shape, it takes much longer to get the home ready to be re-rented, and you lose money.

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