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Should I Rent or Sell My Property in San Leandro?

Should I Rent or Sell My Property in San Leandro_

When selecting a real estate or property management company, you have to ask yourself if you want to rent or sell your property. Whatever your reasons for either choice, you have to do what is best for you. Every landlord and every situation is different.

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The Rental Property Maintenance Process in San Leandro: What to Know

The Rental Property Maintenance Process in San Leandro_ What to Know

You may not know this, but about ten percent of all the maintenance requests that come into Civitas Property Management are denied. We firmly believe in keeping your home in good condition, and we want to maintain a good relationship with your tenants, especially during lease renewal time. As a property management company, we strive…

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Denied Work Orders

Did you know that Civitas denies over 10% of work order claims submitted by tenants? If we find that the work order is cosmetic in nature, or has no impact on functionality to the home, then we go ahead and deny the work order. What we do is we deny it. We let the resident…

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How a Local Property Manager Protects your Property

A lot of our property owners don’t live here in the Bay Area. Whether because they inherited property, or they had a job transfer, they can’t visit their property every time there’s a problem. We also have a lot of international investors who are investing in the Bay Area to take advantage of the strong…

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Tips on How to Run Your San Leandro Rental Property like a Business

Unintentional landlords sometimes struggle to treat their rental property as a business. Today, we’re sharing a few tips on how to do that. If you’re an unintentional landlord, you probably fall into one of two groups. Either you’re taking care of the property for a parent, or you’re moving out of town for business and…

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Properly Market Your Rental Home in San Leandro

Effectively marketing your property and attracting good quality tenants is an important part of being a landlord. One of a homeowner’s biggest fears is that their property will sit vacant, or they will get a bad tenant. Today, we’re talking about how to attract a better pool of candidates so you can select the best…

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Handling Maintenance Requests like a Professional San Leandro Property Manager

One of the areas where there is often ambiguity and confusion between tenants and landlords is maintenance. Maintenance requests and maintenance responses matter. In fact, 57 percent of tenants cite maintenance as a reason why they don’t renew their leases. As a landlord, you have to have the proper expectations of what tenants are looking…

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