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Rob Buffington


Cesar Esparza

Customer Service Representative

Gwen Perez

Assistant Maintenance Coordinator

Faith Buffington

Vice President

Felix Esparza

Customer Service Representative

Christina Pierce

Property Manager,

South Bay

Maria Barrios

Association Manager

Pedro Esparza

Assistant Property Manager- Leasing

Luis Romo

Assistant Association Manager

Lorenzo Beltran


Terri Martinez

Customer Service Representative

Jose Sainz

Assistant Association Manager

In Ancient Rome, the word Civitas had two meanings:

Firstly, Civitas is the root word for castle. Your safe place, your dwelling and protection against the world.

Secondly, When a soldier had completed his tour, he was rewarded with his Civitas, or Citizenship. Cicero defined Civitas as the body of law that binds a people together into a community rather than just a mob of people.


As a company that seeks to not only protect your castle, but to be a positive force in the community, we feel that Civitas reflects what we want to contribute to our community. Ten percent of our profits go back to our employees and ten percent is sent to a different local charity each quarter.

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