About Us

We have been in business since 2005 and pride ourselves as leaders in our local real estate market and the property management community. For the last 14 years we have been active members of the NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) community and stay current on the latest property management industry trends.

Meet the Team

Rob Buffington » Property Manager, CEO
Rob is the owner of Civitas Property Management. He has been with the company for four years and has been involved in property management since 2011.
Originally an investor in real estate, owning dozens of rental properties, he moved into property management after being unable to find a company that he felt comfortable trusting with his properties. Born in San Jose, Rob is married to Faith Buffington, and they have three wonderful children: Elizabeth (4), Charlie (2.5), Felicity (1). Outside of work, Rob enjoys reading, listening to music and is an avid history buff.

Faith Buffington » General Manager
Faith Buffington has been at Civitas Property Management for 4 years. As the General Manager, she oversees all departments and ensures that the quality of service is at its highest.
Faith has a passion for teaching and has taken her degree in education and put it to use training staff and teaching clients how to get the most out of their property. Whether at home or at work, Faith appreciates a challenge and is always on the lookout for her next organization project. Outside of work, Faith enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids, Pinterest projects, and a good cup of coffee in a quiet house.

Maria » Property Manager and VPPM
Maria is the East Bay Manager and VPPM for Civitas Property Management. Her entire career has been in property management, about 10 years. She started in apartments, where she quickly went from customer service to property manager in 2 years.
After leaving apartment management, Maria set her sights higher, and decided to work for a company that values renters, owners and employees. With Civitas, she has been an HOA manager, obtained her Real Estates License, and now over sees all of the Bay Area rentals, while managing the East Bay portfolio. She has a beautiful baby girl, Sophia (8 months) whom she enjoys watching learn and grow. Maria enjoys reading, music, and visiting family in her spare time.

Christina Pierce » Property Manager
Christina Pierce is the property manager for our South Bay properties and is based in San Jose. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day management and operations of a number of residential properties located in the Silicon Valley.
With more than five years of property management experience, Christina has managed all types of properties, has strong administrative skills, a deep knowledge of contracts and property law, and excellent communication skills. She is responsible for initiating tenant turnover and move outs, maintaining lease data, preparing property budgets, and overseeing tenant relations.

Terri » Customer Service
Terri has been working for Civitas Customer Service Department for a year and half. She originally worked for law firms as an Administrative Assistant but wanted try a different field.
She's glad she switched because she's learning new and exciting things every day in Property Management. Terri is happily married to Tim and they have two amazing sons: Francisco (15) and Nicholas (9). She enjoys traveling with her sisters, going fishing with her family and especially loves long romantic walks by herself through each aisle at Target.

Luis »
Luis Romo is a Bachelor of Architecture and worked in the field of construction and design for nine years.
He joined the Civitas team in 2018 as an assistant manager and currently works in the maintenance department. Luis is now studying for an MBA and still enjoys to read design magazines and books.

Gwen »
Gwen works in the Maintenance Department at Civitas Property Management and has been in the company for a year now.
Has a law degree, and has 4 years of customer service experience. She enjoys reading, a good cup of coffee and is always looking for something new to learn.

Blanca » Customer Service Representative
Blanca Guzman joined the company 3 months ago. Due to her experience in customer service area, she is now part of the maintenance department team at Civitas Property Management.
She provides administrative support, coordinates and helps to schedule appointments, follows up on the end to end process of the works orders daily.

Blanca loves new challenges, to apply all her knowledge, be a team player and achieve her professional and personal goals.

In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband, they usually go to the movies. She also enjoys playing with her nephews and her dog.

Pedro » Leasing Department
Pedro is the leasing department leader for Civitas Property Management beginning as an assistant for the property managers he worked his way through.
He has been with the company for almost 2 years. Born in San Jose, Pedro is a single father of a beautiful 7-year-old. Outside of work, Pedro enjoys listening to music, traveling but most of all spending time with his family and friends.

Felix » Customer Service Representative
Felix works for Civitas Property Management in customer service. He has been with the company for 8 months.
Felix is married and has, two wonderful children: Felix Jr.(11), and Fernanda(7). Outside of work, Felix enjoys listening to music and spending time with his family and he is an enthusiastic sports fan. Go Sharks!

Cesar » Customer Service Representative
Cesar is a customer service representative who joined Civitas in July 2018.
Cesar was born in Mexico but grew up in San Jose, He is married and has two kids a girl and a boy. On his spare time, Cesar enjoys time with his family and playing with his kids.

Jose » Assistant Property Manager
Jose has been in the company since November 2018. Jose is Assistant Property Manager; He is in charge of developing internal projects, finding ways to improve our processes day by day to provide the best service to our customers. Jose strongly believes in team work and is always looking to improve his skills.
Jose enjoys spending time outdoors, like hiking in the woods or countryside. Your favorite activity is spending quality time with your family, friends and loved ones